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Massively distributed processing system architecture, scheduling, unique device identification and associated methods




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A massively distributed processing system and associated methods are described that utilize an advantageous processing architecture for a multitude of widely distributed devices to process distributed workloads for a plurality distributed processing projects. To provide the infrastructure processing power for the distributed processing system, a modular client agent program, including a system component with a core agent module and a separate project component with at least one task module, is configured to operate on the distributed devices and to process a variety of project workloads. For each different distributed project, different project components or task modules may be provided by a server system to the distributed devices to run on the core agent module or system component. In addition, a capabilities database can be used by a server system to schedule workloads based upon the capabilities of the distributed devices. Furthermore, scheduling, device ID, task wrapper and further infrastructure and application development implementations are also provided.

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