Traffic surveillance method and system

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The invention relates generally to a method and system for monitoring traffic events at a predetermined location, using a temporary video camera set up to record traffic movements through an intersection or other location along a road. The method preferably comprises taking a video recording of the location, and then sending the recording to a foreign country where the recording can be reviewed manually at a reduced cost. To facilitate an accurate and consistent review of the recording, the invention preferably uses 'event lines' that can be superimposed on the video monitor, wherein the event lines help determine when a vehicle has passed through an intersection, i.e., when a recordable traffic event occurs. The system also preferably uses a computer-operated program adapted to assist the operator in reviewing, verifying and summarizing the recorded information, wherein a particular key or keys can be pressed depending on the type of event to be indicated. The system is also able to identify the exact frame number of a recordable event that corresponds to an exact moment in real time, i.e., when the event actually occurred. A tripod-like apparatus for temporarily setting up a video camera in locations where no existing pole or structure is available, as well as a tamper-proof housing in which the video recording device can be temporarily mounted, can also be provided.

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