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Debris management for wafer singulation


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The present invention discloses methods and apparatuses for substrate singulation. Embodiments of the present invention comprise cryogenic-assist scribing or cutting mechanism for debris reduction, preferably cryogenic-assist laser scribe or cutting; controlling mechanism for debris flow and redeposition during laser process; and integrated, dry debris removal scribing process with breaking mechanism. An exemplary embodiment comprises an integrated housing for aligning a laser beam with the cryogenic cleaning beam. The integrated housing is preferably made of low thermal conductivity material to provide a high temperature gradient between the low temperature of the cryogenic fluid and the ambient temperature, preventing condensation of the moisture. The entire areas, or the critical areas of the apparatus can also be purged with flowing "dry" inert gases to further reduce the condensation moisture. Reactive gas can be introduced to react with debris, converting into gaseous form for ease of removal.

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