Extruded Cushioning Insole

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The invention is an extruded cushioning insole for footwear. The insole disperses the weight of an individual more evenly across the surface of their foot and reduces the impact forces on the feet when walking, running or jumping. The insole is integrally extruded in a one-piece construction. One insole embodiment includes a flexible upper pad with a plurality of downwardly extending tubes that each form a collapsible internal chamber. Another insole embodiment has a solid main body with a flat upper surface and a contoured lower surface formed by thinner and thicker regions of the insole. Another insole embodiment has a flat upper surface and a convex lower surface formed by a collapsible internal disc-shaped chamber. The convex surface is generally flat when compressed.

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Fischer, James R Sheboygan, WI 22 619

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