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A shoe having a sole, an upper including a first opening and a second opening, and shoelace means, the upper including: a first side edge portion having a plurality of first eyelets; a second side edge portion arranged between the plurality of first eyelets and having one or more second eyelets which the shoelace means engages with; a movable portion for allowing the second eyelet to move with respect to the first eyelets both in a transverse direction across the second opening and a diagonal front-back direction that is perpendicular to the transverse direction and is extending along the instep; and a main portion covering a medial side surface, a lateral side surface, a toe, the instep and a back surface of a foot, the main portion including the first side edge portion and excluding the second side edge portion and the movable portion; the second eyelet is relatively displaced via the movable portion with respect to the main portion both in the transverse direction and the diagonal front-back direction in response to a change in a direction of a resultant force between a first tensile force and a second tensile force acting upon the second side edge portion from a V-shaped portion of the shoelace means engaging with the second eyelet while transitioning from a flat-footed position to a heel-raised position.

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