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The present invention relates to a display apparatus comprising front display unit (10), and rear display unit (50) arranged behind the front display unit (10). The front display unit (10) comprise: a display panel (20); a front backlight (30) arranged behind the display panel (20) and including a first light guide plate (36) having a projection window (16) through which an image on the rear display unit (50) is visible, a first light source (38) arranged along the circumference of the first light guide plate (36), and a reflection sheet (39) arranged at the rear surface of the first light guide plate (36) to reflect light and having an image hole (18) formed at the region thereof that corresponds to the projection window (16); and a rear backlight (40) arranged behind the front backlight (30) and including a second light guide plate (42) and second light sources (44), wherein the second light guide plate (42) corresponds to the projection window (16) and is bent into a V-shape, and has a first light guide surface (42a) inclined upwardly as it extends toward the rear thereof, and a second light guide surface (42b) inclined downwardly as it extends from an end of the first light guide surface (42a) toward the rear thereof, and wherein the second light sources (44) are arranged at an upper end and a lower end of the second light guide plate (42), respectively, to illuminate the first light guide surface (42a) and the second light guide surface (42b), respectively. The rear display unit and the front display unit cooperate with one another to display a combined image. The entire screen of the front display unit is capable of displaying a clear image without any disconnection of the image.

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