Resin-Sealed Sensor Device

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To provide a resin-sealed sensor device in which a sensor element that detects an inertial force such as acceleration or angular velocity is mounted on a pad, and the entire thereof is molded by resin, the resin-sealed sensor device with a high reliability by suppressing or resolving a sensor output error by reducing or resolving inclination or deformation of the sensor element or the pad at the time of resin injection, in a resin-sealed sensor device 100 including: a circuit unit 10 that includes a sensor element 1 for detection of a physical quantity, a semiconductor chip 2, a pad 3 of which shape in a plan view has any shape among a rectangle, a circle and an ellipse, and supported leads 5A to 5D and an outer conductor lead 4 to be connected to the pad 3; and a molded resin body 20 that seals the circuit unit 10, each of the supported leads 5A to 5D is arranged in each divided regions to be formed by dividing the shape into four virtual regions when an intersection point O between two axes L1 and L2, perpendicular to each other, is set to match a central point of the shape of the pad 3.

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HAYASHI, Masahide Hitachinaka-shi, Ibaraki, JP 47 252
YAGUCHI, Akihiro Hitachinaka-shi, Ibaraki, JP 72 1756

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