Using Neural Networks in Creating Apparel Designs

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Software and lasers are used in finishing apparel to produce a desired wear pattern or other design. A technique includes using machine learning to create or extract a laser input file for wear pattern from an existing garment. Machine learning can be by a generative adversarial network, having generative and discriminative neural nets. The generative adversarial network is trained and then used to create a model. This model is used generate the laser input file from an image of the existing garment with the finishing pattern. With this laser input file, a laser can re-create the wear pattern from the existing garment onto a new garment.

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Bell, Benjamin San Francisco, US 44 314
Mahanty, Debdulal Fremont, US 19 0
Schultz, Christopher San Francisco, US 27 4
Schultz, Jennifer San Francisco, US 33 80

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