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Disclosed herein are microalgae-containing gluten-reduced and gluten-free finished food compositions, as well as microalgae-containing food ingredients for the large-scale manufacture of gluten-reduced and gluten-free foods. Foods and ingredients of the invention, while reducing or eliminating gluten, also have increased health benefits through reduction or elimination of less healthy oils and fats via replacement of primarily monounsaturated algal oils. The novel food compositions also possess more desirable sensory properties and shelf life than previously existing gluten free foods. Foods and ingredients disclosed herein, whoch containing reduced or no gluten, also containing high dietary fiber levels, reduced or eliminated cholesterol, and healthier oil content than existing gluten free foods. Also disclosed are methods of reducing food allergies and symptoms of diseases such as Celiac-Sprue to address increasing rates of sensitivity to gluten-containing products. Also disclosed are methods of formulating and manufacturing microalgae-containing gluten-free foods and ingredients for the formulation of such foods.

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