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Connection joint between a first member and a second member where said connection joint comprises:

    a. a first slidable base member, where said slidable base member in a first end has a first conically shaped cavity, and in a second end has a portion extending from the distal end towards the first end, where a plurality of slits are provided in said portion, where said first slidable base member between the first conically shaped cavity and said second end has a cylindrical cross-section orthogonal to a longitudinal direction of said first slidable base member, and whereb. a washer having at least one conical section providing expansion means arranged at least partly inside said first slidable member in the vicinity of the slits adjacent the second end, where said conical section is able to urge the first slidable member's portion provided with slits outwards and expand beyond the circumference of the cylindrical section;c. a bushing arranged outside said first slidable member, such that the slidable member may slide relative to the bushing in an axial direction, andd. a first partly shaped spherical member (rod), having a spherical part with an inner and an outer surface, said spherical part's outer surface adapted to be at least partly inserted in the conically shaped cavity of the first slidable member, and said spherical parts inner surface being suitable to engage;e. a first locking member (blå) having an outer surface adapted to engage said inner surface of the first partly spherical member, and a threaded aperture, said threaded aperture is threadily engaged to;f. a threaded bolt, said bolt having a thread in one end engaging the thread of the locking member and a head section in the opposite engaging the washer,g. and where the first partly spherical member and the bushing or the washer comprises fastening means for fastening the first partly spherical member and the bushing or the washer to said first and second members.

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