Planet Carrier And A Process And Apparatus To Manufacture It

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The present invention is directed to an integral planet carrier with no joints, a method of manufacturing it and an apparatus for doing so. Such integrally manufactured components have better strength than a conventionally produced multi-piece jointed planet carriers or integral planet carriers made from casting process. The present invention provides a hot forging process which can be used for the manufacturing of the planet carrier. The manufacturing process comprises of forward extrusion of a billet followed by backward extrusion. This is followed by bending operation, which is in turn followed by a flattening operation. Post-forging heat treatment and other treatments such as shot blasting follow. Finally machining is carried out to arrive at the final integrally formed planet carrier. The forward extrusion, backward extrusion, bending and flattening operations are done on a press or hammer having sufficient energy and load capacity. Preferably these operations are performed on a hydraulic press in order to achieve the required accuracy and precision.

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KALYANI, Babasaheb Neelkanth Mundhwa Pune Maharashtra, IN 7 1
KALYANI, Basavraj Prabhakar Mundhwa Pune Maharashtra, IN 1 0
KHASNIS, Vijaykumar Hanumant Mundhwa Pune Maharashtra, IN 1 0
SATPUTE, Ramdas Dnyandev Mundhwa Pune Maharashtra, IN 1 0
TAKALE, Madan Umakant Mundhwa Pune Maharashtra, IN 4 0

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