Height Adjustable Desk for Placing on an Existing Desktop

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There is provided a height adjustable desk (5) for placing on an existing desktop. The height adjustable desk (5) comprises a base frame (50) for placing on the existing desktop, a desktop (10) that is connected to the base frame (50) by first (40) and second (45) support members, and a gas strut, wherein the first and second support members (40, 45) are pivotally connected (41) to one another and are pivotable about the pivotal connection to raise and lower the desktop (10) from the base frame (50). The ends of the second support member (45) are slidable along the base frame (50) and along the desktop (10), and one of those ends is pivotably connected to a shuttle, the shuttle being drivable by the gas strut to slide along a shuttle frame of the desktop or base frame.

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Davies, Theodore Bristol, GB 2 0
Fletcher-Price, Ian George Eastbourne, GB 3 2
Knox, Stefan Billingshurst, GB 11 66
Lolle, Andreas Amager, DK 3 0
Osterberg, Steffen Nielsen Copenhagen, DK 2 0

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