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Described here are devices, systems, and methods for treating conditions or diseases of the nose, ear, or throat with an expandable device having a drug coating. The expandable devices may be delivered to a body cavity in a low-profile configuration and expanded to contact surrounding tissue. The expandable devices may deliver or release the drug coating to the tissue. Multiple expansions of a single device may be employed during treatment. Various coating excipients and manufacturing parameters for the expandable devices may also be adjusted to enhance or slow transfer of the drug coating and/or release of the drug to the target tissue site. The drug transferred to the tissue may act as an in situ depot that enables maintenance of a therapeutic level of locally delivered drug for a desired time period after removal of the expandable devices.

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KAUFMAN, Richard E Los Gatos, US 12 683
STANKUS, John Joseph San Jose, US 6 39
SU, James Newark, US 16 24

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