Novel Mesoionic Insecticidal Compound

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The purpose of the present invention is to provide a mesoionic compound, which exhibits an improved controlling effect on various harmful organisms, or a salt thereof. A mesoionic compound represented by formula (1) (wherein: R1 is selected from a hydrogen atom, etc.; R2 represents an optionally substituted phenyl group; R3 is selected from a hydrogen atom, etc.; R4 is selected from a hydrogen atom, etc.; R5 is selected from an optionally substituted ethylene group, etc.; and X is selected from an oxygen atom, etc.) or a salt thereof.

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Asano, Shu Kamisu, JP 2 0
Hasegawa, Shinji Kamisu, JP 61 526
Kagohara, Yuma Kamisu, JP 2 0
Kamo, Tomohiro Kamisu, JP 2 0
Kobayashi, Takeru Kamisu, JP 2 0
Matsuda, Ryusei Kamisu, JP 2 0
Miyake, Takaaki Kamisu, JP 5 13
Ueno, Shotaro Kamisu, JP 3 6

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