Hydraulic Work Machine

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A hydraulic work machine is provided in which left and right hydraulic motors are driven independently of each other by two hydraulic pumps and in which an anomaly of any of the left and right track devices can be detected with high accuracy. The hydraulic work machine includes a first pressure sensor 13 configured to detect a first pump pressure that is a delivery pressure of a first hydraulic pump 11 and a second pressure sensor 23 configured to detect a second pump pressure that is a delivery pressure of a second hydraulic pump 21. When a controller 2 decides, from detection results of a travel operation detector 5 and work operation detectors 3 and 4, that a work implement 103 is not operated but travel operation devices 6 and 7 are operated and besides left and right track devices 50 and 60 are straightly traveling, the controller 2 calculates an anomaly decision evaluation value based on a pressure difference value obtained by subtracting one from the other of the first pump pressure and the second pump pressure and decides, based on a result of comparison between the anomaly decision evaluation value and a predetermined decision reference value 84, that one of the left and right track devices has an anomaly.

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SAKURAI, Shigeyuki Tsukuba-shi, JP 15 174
SUZUKI, Yukihito Tsukuba-shi, JP 2 3
UDAGAWA, Tsutomu Tsukuba-shi, JP 16 78

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