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The invention relates to a latching mechanism that is attachable to the outer surface of a cupboard drawer or door to prevent opening of the drawer or door by a child. The child safety latch 1 thus locks and prevents opening of a first drawer or door element 2 with respect to a second cabinet frame element 3. The latch fitting mechanism 1 includes a first engaging part 4 and a second engaging part 5. The first and second engaging parts each comprise enlarged engaging surfaces 6, 7 respectively, which provide mating surfaces to securely fit the first and second engaging parts respectively to the surfaces of the first door or drawer element 2 and the second carcass element 3. Holes are provided in the engaging surfaces 6, 7 for attachment to the inside surface of a side of the drawer or cupboard with mechanical fasteners, such as screws. The enlarged surfaces 6, 7 also serve as substrates for other securing means such as adhesive or Velcro (hook and loop) type fixing means. The first engaging part 4 includes a prong assembly 8 arranged in a plane at 90 degrees to the enlarged attaching surface 6. The prong assembly 8 includes a pair of resilient prongs 10 each comprising a hooked terminal end 12. The second engaging part 5 includes a receiving means 9 arranged in the same plane as the enlarged attaching surface 7 and includes a pair of receiving prongs 11 each with a receiving hook 13 corresponding to the terminal ends 12 such that when the first and second engaging parts are brought together they are become automatically engaged, by the terminal end hooks 12 becoming latched to the receiving hooks 13.

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