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An apparatus to distribute pressurized fluid from one or more sources to multiple wellbores. The apparatus includes a manifold having at least two inlets and at least two outlets. Pressurized fluid is brought into the manifold from opposing directions so that the fluid from one inlet will impinge upon the fluid from the other inlet thereby de-energizing the fluid. Additionally, the manifold is configured such that the cross-sectional area of the inlets is less than the cross-sectional area of the manifold thereby decreasing velocity minimizing the kinetic energy available to erode or otherwise damage equipment, while providing a pressure decrease as the fluid enters the manifold. The outlets are configured such that the cross-sectional area of the outlets providing fluid to a single wellbore is greater than or equal to the cross-sectional area of the inlets such that no pressure increase occurs within the manifold or the outlets as the fluid exits the manifold. Additional velocity reduction enhancements may include angled or camp third turns between the inlet and the manifold or the manifold and an outlet.

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