Reversing Baldness Through Follicle Regeneration

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This invention reverses male pattern baldness by shocking dormant hair follicles out of their androgen induced hibernation phase back to the active hair-growing anagenic phase. The invention integrates two functions: 1) It blocks synthesis of compounds holding the follicles in the telogenic/hibernating phase and 2) It stimulates synthesis of compounds animating the hair-growing/anagenic phase in the follicular activity cycle. One preferred embodiment comprises an enzyme inhibitor blocking the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a flavonoid simultaneously increasing synthesis of prostaglandins alternative to prostaglandin D2, and a selected cannabinoid compound stimulating restore the hair follicle to its normal growth cycle. This novel trimodal therapy restores the hair follicles to their normal cycling processes and maintains these restorative properties so long as this rebalance in maintained.

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Postrel, Richard Miami Beach, US 178 4693

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