Dynamic Link Monitoring to Resolve Imbalance in LAA/LTE Radio Resource Allocation

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A wireless communication device (UE) may monitor grants received from respective cells associated with one or more first (e.g. licensed) frequency band(s) and one or more second (e.g. unlicensed) frequency band(s). Based on the received grants the UE may determine if an imbalance exists in the radio resource allocation, whereby the UE communicates more than intended in the second frequency band(s). The imbalance may be specified with respect to the ratio or portion of the communications that are conducted in the second frequency band(s) with respect to all wireless communications of the UE. If the UE detects an imbalance, it may transmit a report to the network (e.g. to the base station serving the UE) indicating unfavorable conditions for the UE to be operating in the second frequency band(s). In response, the network may disable the respective cell(s) associated with the second frequency band(s) and/or it may disable carrier aggregation for the UE.

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Belghoul, Farouk Campbell, US 81 396
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Smaini, Lydi San Jose, US 41 227
Tabet, Tarik Los Gatos, US 230 1212

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