Method for Consolidated Order-Picking and Packing of Articles, Order-Picking and Packing System and Order-Picking Container

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The present invention relates to a method and a system for automatically consolidating order-picking and packing of articles (A) ready to send. An order-picking container (1), in which articles (A) are grouped, is provided. The method comprises the steps of: a) arranging the order-picking container (1) on a predetermined transfer location (10) and transferring an article (A) to the order-picking container (1), b) moving the filled order-picking container (1) to a predetermined packing station (20) and providing a transport packaging (100) with a downwardly facing opening (101) which is adapted to receive the order-picking container (1), c) arranging the order-picking container (1) through the opening (101) in the transport packaging (100), d) moving the filled order-picking container (10) which is arranged in the transport packaging (100) to a transfer and separating station (30), e) transferring the at least one article (A) from the order-picking container (1) in the transport packaging (100) by means of a vertical turning movement, f) separating the order-picking container (1) from the transport package (100) and g) closing the transport packaging (100). All method steps are carried out automatically in a machine in a continuous process.

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