Lubricant-Compatible Copper Alloy

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A copper alloy having a high corrosion resistance for a wide range of different lubricants, in particular different base oils and a variation of lubricant additives. The property of a low corrosion tendency for different tribological systems is also combined with good mechanical properties, and a high strength in particular. The alloy has a low wear and coefficient of friction. The lubricant-compatible copper alloy is suitable for producing components that come in contact with lubricant and are exposed to friction stresses, such as gear components, for example synchronizer rings. A method for manufacturing such components and a gear having at least one such component is also disclosed.

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Gummert, Hermann Viersen, DE 6 3
Plett, Thomas Schmallenberg, DE 6 3
Reetz, Björn Krefeld, DE 6 3

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