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The invention pertains to a soft-baked biscuit that is high in protein, and methods of making the same, that includes a protein component, a multi-textured mouth feel, and crispy inclusions contrasting with a moist and chewy matrix. The protein component may include a powdered protein source and a particulate protein source. The particulate protein source may be in the form of protein crisps, pops, tots, flakes, puffs, inclusions, pellets, bits, and/or particles. In some embodiments of the invention, the protein source includes a powdered protein source in an amount of about 35% by weight of the protein source to about 85% by weight protein powder and about 15% by weight to about 65% by weight particulate protein such as protein crisps. In another embodiment, the softbaked biscuit may include a protein component and a grain flour, wherein the flour is at least 4% by weight of the soft-baked biscuit. In still further embodiments of the invention, the soft-baked biscuits may be high in protein due to the inclusion of two protein sources while maintaining a low density of up to 0.92 g/cm3 and a water activity (Aw) of between about 0.5 and about 0.7.

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AYMARD, Pierre Clamart, FR 16 55
CLEMENT, Jerome Clamart, FR 6 1
FERNANDES, Linda East Hanover, US 1 0
NOTARDONATO, Lelia Clamart, FR 3 0

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