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The present invention is a helmet system that reduces concussions by damping rotational forces transmitted to a helmet wearer's head. The helmet has an exterior shell with an internal side that has impact absorption apparatus attached. The helmet also has an internal body worn close to the wearer's head. A gap between the internal body and the impact absorption apparatus close to the shell is maintained with flexible projections. At least one magnet assembly is located with the exterior shell absorption apparatus, with a magnetic pole extending axially inwards, and at least one magnet array is located with the internal body, with the same magnetic pole extending axially outwards. Each internal body magnetic field is axially aligned with a magnetic field of a respective magnet assembly located with the exterior shell absorption apparatus. In a resting state the aligned magnetic fields have little magnetic interaction. The internal body, in contact with the player's head, moves independently from the exterior shell; in one embodiment the internal body moves freely on a skeletal structure. When the wearer's helmet collides with another object, the wearer's head drives the internal body out, and the collision object drives the exterior shell absorption apparatus in. Magnetic repulsion increases. When the collision is tangential, the exterior shell magnet assembly is offset from axial alignment with the internal body, and the magnet array with the internal body torques, so the internal body resists rotational movement, or the internal body moves in the opposite direction of the exterior shell rotation vector. This dampens transmission of rotational forces to the wearer's head. In one embodiment sensors on the internal body detect and send magnetic field acceleration data to a controller, and if the shell's rotation is above a threshold acceleration, the controller inflates an airbag around a user's neck and head to inflate and keep the user's head from moving.

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