Multifunctional hand rehabilitation training device

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The present invention discloses a multifunctional hand rehabilitation training device comprising robotic fingers, palm rods, a robotic wrist and a power control system: the robotic fingers correspond to human fingers. Each robotic finger comprises knuckles. Adjacent knuckles are hinged with a single degree of freedom to form a finger joint. Each finger joint is provided with a first servo motor which drives the knuckles to rotate about the hinge axis. Each knuckle is provided thereon with a collar for fitting over the knuckle of a human finger. The STM32F107VC under the ARM-Cortex-M3 architecture is used as the main controller. The main controller implements the acquisition of signals fed back by a fingertip outer side pressure sensor, a fingertip inner side pressure sensor and a linear sensor embedded in the first servo motor, the second servo motor, the third servo motor and the fourth servo motor. The finger abduction force detection sensor of the present invention detects the pressure on the outer side surface of a finger when the finger is stretched, and is used for detecting the motion intention of a patient to actively stretch the finger.

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