Driving Structure of Three-Axis Multi-Stage Roots Pump

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A driving structure of a three-axis multi-stage Roots pump comprises a pump body, wherein a gear end cover is mounted at one side of the pump body, an air outlet end moving bearing air sealing unit is mounted on the other side of the pump body, and the bearing end cover is mounted on the pump at the side of the pump body; a driving axis, a first driven axis and a second driven axis are further provided inside the pump body, and the driving axis is connected with the first driven axis and the second driven axis through the gear, respectively; and both ends of the driving axis, the first driven axis and the second driven axis are movably connected to an air inlet end gear mechanical seal driving unit and an air outlet end moving bearing air sealing unit, respectively. The present invention overcomes the deficiencies of the prior art, a fixed bearing limiting unit not only plays a radial supporting role, strengthens the rigidity of an independent axis, but also reduces the diameter of the axis, and at the same time, evenly distributes to the two axial ends in the axial deformation process, avoiding deformation in a single direction, reducing the amount of displacement by nearly half, and also improving the sealing efficiency of the system.

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