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Method and apparatus for completing diverless subsea large diameter flowline connections




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A diverless subsea flowline connection system includes a plurality of connectors for remotely connecting the end of a bundle of flowlines to the ends of a plurality of bundles of individual flowlines. Guidance components direct the end portion of each bundle of individual flowlines into precise connecting alignment with a corresponding end portion of the bundled flowlines without damage to the connecting seals. The end portion of the bundled flowlines are covered and sealed so that these flowlines can be pulled across a sea floor without damage to their connecting ends. Means are provided for pulling the flowline bundle toward an aligning structure so that the lines can approach the structure from a wide variety of angles and the structure will guide the bundled flowlines into position where they can be aligned exactly with the individual diameter flowlines. This pulling means includes means for connecting a pulling cable to the radial center of a pulling head attached to the ends of the bundled flowlines. The ends of the individual flowlines are connected to connector lugs and aligned before the fluid-tight seals are set to prevent possible damage to the seals. After the individual flowline ends are precisely aligned the seals are set. The pulling, aligning, replacement of seals and fluid-tight connecting of the individual flowlines is all directed by remote control from the surface of the sea.

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