Solar cell and method for producing same

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A method of electrically isolating portions of a large surface area semiconductor body for various purposes such as the production of improved photovoltaic and semiconductor devices is disclosed herein. In the preferred embodiment, the photovoltaic devices are of the type which include a common, electrically conductive substrate layer, a semiconductor body deposited upon the substrate layer, and a transparent electrically conductive coating layer is deposited atop the amorphous body. The method includes the steps of dividing the semiconductor body into a plurality of electrically-isolated portions which may include a grid pattern, testing the electrical output of each of the isolated portions of the semiconductor body, connecting only those isolated portions providing satisfactory electrical output to an electrically conductive strip which provides an electrical contact from the semiconductor body, and providing an electrical contact on the substrate, whereby the overall efficiency of the photovoltaic or semiconductor device is improved. The improved solar cell includes a plurality of electrically isolated portions into which the semiconductor body thereof is divided, at least one electrically conductive strip, each isolated portion of the semiconductor body which provides satisfactory electrical output is electrically connected to the conductive strip to provide an electrical contact associated with the semiconductor body, an electrical contact associated with the substrate layer, and an upper, electrically-insulating, protective layer and a lower electrically-insulating layer encapsulate the solar cell. A plurality of such solar cells are electrically connected to form a solar cell panel. Other methods of utilizing electrically isolated portions of a semiconductor body include the production of small surface area semiconductor devices from larger surface area semiconductor devices and a process for improving the electrical output of those isolated portions of a semiconductor body which provide unsatisfactory electrical output.

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