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Waterbed convertible cap




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A universal, convertible, padded end cap for a water bed railing permits the joining of a supplementary end rail to any of a number of available padded water bed side rail designs providing in each case a smooth, decorative, functional corner joint and seal. This cap has significant strength for retaining the rails in a rigidly locked position relative to one another during use of the bed, resisting the forces imposed by persons climbing into and out of the bed across the padded rails; it also provides a decorative and pleasing appearance, matching that of the end rails used. The cap, which is included with the padded end rail in construction, is a mitered, sewn fabric extension from a padded end rail, being designed to match in appearance the end rail and the side rails, and particularly mitered in cut so as to enclose the side rails being sealed to the side rails by using a series or sequence of fasteners, which, together with the overall cut of the convertible cap, creates a tight, secure, yet flexible continuous corner joint between the side and end rails.

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