Means for anchoring carpeting or the like, and a method of and apparatus for making the same

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For anchoring carpeting such as of the artificial turf type, or the like, to other such carpeting or to an anchoring device, scrim carrying separable fastener means in the form of an extruded strip having an attachment flange along one edge engaged with one face of a margin of the scrim and resiliently flexible rib and groove fastener profile structure extending longitudinally along an opposite edge of the strip and adapted to be interlocked with complementary fastener profile structure. A bonding ribbon is engaged with the opposite face of the scrim margin and is bonded to the attachment flange through openings in the scrim margin. A method of making the carpet anchoring assembly is adapted to be practiced in apparatus which provides for extrusion of both the fastener strip and the bonding ribbon toward the scrim margin and effecting thermoplastic bonding between pressure rolls as the scrim moves along a continuous fabrication path.

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