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Mini wire feeder




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A compact wire feeder and arc welding control unit including, a portable housing having a base portion, a side portion and a removable cover portion. A wire feeder is included in the unit, for feeding filler metal wire or the like, and is disposed within the housing proximate one side of the housing so that when the removable cover portion is removed, the wire feeder is easily accessed by the operator. A gas line is positioned on a second side of the housing opposite the wire feeder and has with it a gas line valve. A feed wire motor for driving the wire feeder is disposed intermediate the gas line and the wire feeder. A circuit board is disposed above the motor intermediate the gas line and the wire feeder. A wire real housing is fixed to the side portion of the housing and communicates with the housing so that wire may be fed of a real in the real housing and fed into the wire feeder. A ground wire clip with an associated ground wire is connected within the housing to electrical ground potential by means of an electrical wire. The ground wire passes out of the housing through the housing side portion adjacent the gas line.

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