Web-type stock material with upwardly projecting filamentary elements and defined periphery

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Web-type stock material having upwardly projecting filamentary elements and a defined periphery, comprising, in combination, a flexible base member for overlying a floor surface in immediately surrounding relation to a liquid egress opening in the surface, the base member having a central hole for register with the egress opening; and a three-dimensional mat carried by the base member and comprising filamentary elements distributed throughout a volume extending horizontally at least over the entire area of the hole and vertically upwardly above the base member to a locality spaced above the base member for engaging and arresting liquid-carried debris such as hair outside and above the egress opening while permitting flow of liquid downwardly into the egress opening. Some at least of the filamentary elements extend transversely across the hole and intersect with each other at a multiplicity of points distributed substantially uniformly over the entire area of the hole so as to subdivide the hole into a multiplicity of individually small openings for downward liquid flow into the egress opening, the transversely extending filamentary elements and the base member cooperatively constituting a web having a periphery defined by the base member; and the filamentary elements include a multiplicity of flexible elements projecting upwardly throughout the entire vertical extent of the aforesaid volume and distributed substantially uniformly at least over the entire area of the hole in closely adjacent relation to each other.

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