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A display mount has four panels of lined paperboard with the first panel flexibly hinged to the second panel and the second panel flexibly hinged to the third panel and the third panel hinged to the fourth panel with a ductile hinge material. The first and second panels are substantially the same length and width with the third panel being of a shorter length than the first and second panels and the fourth panel being of a shorter length then the first, second and third panels. The fourth panel can be bent on its ductile hinge relative to the third panel which can be placed on a flat surface. The first and second panels can be folded to lay across the edge of the fourth panel as a slant type easel back desk calendar. The first panel can also be propped on the third panel to act as an upright type desk calendar and the first and second panels can be folded forward onto a flat surface for viewing referenced material or writing on the inside surface of one of the panels or on paper sheet supported thereto.

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