Method and apparatus for electrolyzing water

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An electrolyzer for electrolysis of water comprises a series of cells each including a substantially open porous anode plate and a substantially open porous cathode plate disposed on either side of and in contact with a solid electrolyte membrane. First and second flow passages extend through the cell, with the first flow passage comprising concentrically aligned bores extending through the center of the cathode plate, the anode plate and the membrane, with the bore in the cathode plate being fitted with an annular sealing gasket. The second flow passage also comprises concentrically aligned bores extending through the cathode plate, the anode plate, and the membrane, with a bore in the anode plate being fitted with an annular sealing gasket. A seal is provided at the outside perimeter of the cathode plate, to prevent the escape of fluid containing hydrogen therefrom. During operation, a source of water is connected to the first flow passage and water is driven into the cell. The water diffuses through the anode plate from the central bore, and partial electrolysis occurs. Water which reaches an outer perimeter of the anode plate, without electrolysis, drains from the assembly, providing a means for cooling. Hydronium ions formed in the anode plate migrate through the membrane to the cathode plate wherein electrolysis is completed, with hydrogen formation. The water containing hydrogen gas bubbles flows through the porous cathode plate to the second flow passage, and out of the apparatus.

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