Safety release device

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A safety release device particularly useful for tethering horses comprises a cylindrical housing, a central shaft therein having on one end a spring retainer/trigger and on the other end a capture washer held by a stop or shoulder on the shaft, a spring between the retainer and the washer, two opposed spring loaded capture dogs engaging the capture washer and preventing it and the shaft from being pulled from the housing until released and fastening members, one attached to the end of the shaft and another attached to the housing to permit lines to be attached thereto. The operation of the device is such that when a sufficient pull is exerted on the shaft, the spring compresses allowing the retainer/trigger to move toward the capture washer against the action of the spring and in so doing to force the dogs apart releasing the washer and thus the shaft.

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Ritacco, Gerald E R.F.D. 13, Box 172, Loudon, NH 03301 1 15

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