Portable power shovel

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The present invention relates to an improved portable power shovel including a shovel portion and a base portion. The shovel portion includes a handle which is to be gripped by the operator, a blade for digging and two hydraulic rams connected to the blade, a first of the rams being provided to reciprocate the blade so that it may dig into a desired area. The second hydraulic ram is connected to the blade so that movements of the second hydraulic ram result in pivoting motions of the blade so that the blade may loosen dirt or other materials at the location where the blade has been inserted through reciprocations of the first mentioned hydraulic ram. The base is connected to the shovel portion and is provided so as to connect the shovel portion with the surrounding walls and ground area so that reciprocations of the first hydraulic ram will have their maximum effect. The base portion may be releasably fixed to the surrounding walls via integral hydraulic rams and may be fixed to the surrounding ground area through the use of removable pins.

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Morris, Charles W P.O. Box 66, Paris, TN 38242 17 281

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