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An extrusion run-out table for aluminum extrusions and the like has an extrusion support table for supporting extruded profiles as they are extruded from an extrusion press along an extrusion path and a conveyor for moving the extruded shapes from the extrusion support table to a cooling area and to a further processing area. The extrusion support table includes a set of elongated heat-resistant bars mounted perpendicular to the extrusion path, with the bars extending laterally of the extrusion path into the cooling area a distance sufficient to position one or more of the extended shapes in laterally spaced relationship to the extrusion path. The extruded shapes are cooled through an air manifold above the extrusion path and through a series of air jet nozzles which project cooling air against the extruded shapes as they are extruded. The air jet nozzles are tailored to direct the quantity and direction of the cooling fluid against the shapes so as to minimize distortion of the shapes due to differential cooling. A special baffle arrangement is provided beneath one side of the support table and beneath an opposite side of the cooling area to direct the downwardly-moving cooling air laterally and then upwardly through the cooling area.

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