General floor carpet with flush removable section

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A removable section of carpet is provided with a zipper or velcro fastener surrounding its border in order that is can be removed, cleaned and then reinserted back in place by joining to the main floor carpet which is fitted with the mated fastener to form a general floor carpet with a flush removable section. The removable carpet may be peninsula-shaped for doorway use and when so shaped the non-fastened side is provided with a hinged clamp for fast release. A modification permits a removable section of carpet or covering on top of a tiled floor to be lifted out for disposal of the dirt swept onto its surface from the floor through an abutting surrounding apron that ascendingly slopes from the floor to a level equal to or above the removable carpet face. This same general device may be used with carpet having tuft high enough to allow the entry edge of the inclinded apron when adhered to the fixed carpet to be nested so deeply into its face that it will permit all visable dirt swept on and up its surface to pass on to the removable carpet without hindrance. In the case of a non-fastened lift-off carpet (especially for automobiles) one or more sides of the apron leaving edge or one or more sides of the removable carpet entry edge may be made tapered or crimped or the floor of the apron device and the backing of the lift-off section may be ribbed and grooved, with either or all of these cursory alterations performed to hold the removable section in tighter place to the degree that the lift-off and return of the removable carpet may occur only when the lift-off section is slightly bent in the first instance and only in the direction of the grooves in the next.

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