Apparatus for applying a controlled amount of reagent to a microscope slide or the like

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Apparatus for applying a controlled amount of reagent to one or more miscroscope slide or the like includes a spray chamber and a carousel adapted to hold a plurality of slides and to be mounted for rotation in the spray chamber. Nozzles are mounted to spray reagent onto the slides in the carousel as they rotate by the nozzles. Accurate control of the time or angular rotation during which the reagent is sprayed from the nozzles is obtained by placing a control valve in the flow line between a reagent pump and the nozzle and operating the valve to control flow of reagent. Control circuitry determines the position of the slides and carousel in the spray chamber and coordinates operation of the pumps, valves, and rotation of the carousel to accurately cause spray of reagent onto the slides. The slide holding carousel may be replaced by an interchangable centrifuge rotor when it is desired to perform cytocentrifuging tests.

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