Filter press electrolyzer

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The present invention relates to a filter press electrolyzer of the type having front and rear bulkheads. The electrolyzer comprises an electrolytic cell between the bulkheads. The cell comprises a pair of planar electrode assemblies, typically including a center compartment assembly therebetween, all in a stacked relationship. Separators are clamped between the electrode and center compartment assemblies. Each electrode assembly comprises an annular frame defining an electrolyte chamber, a planar electrode member having an electrode active area within said chamber, and a current distributing bus on the side of the electrode member which is opposite the side facing the separator. The current distributing bus has a planar surface area which is substantially co-extensive with the electrode active area. Each of the electrode assemblies comprises a plurality of spaced-apart separator strips affixed to the electrode member on the side opposite the current distributing bus. The separator strips separate the electrode member from the separator. The bulkheads include means for compression of the electrode assemblies one against the other. The separator strips of the electrode assemblies are aligned so that the separator strips transmit the compression forces within the electrolyzer from one electrode assembly to the other.

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