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Battery charger with timer-controlled charging, shut-off and reset operations




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A timer control circuit is coupled with a battery charger to control on a timed basis the charging, shut-off and reset operations of the battery charger. The timer control circuit includes a timer, a d.c. power supply connected to the timer, and an auxiliary relay connected to the timer and connected between a battery and the battery charger. The timer is operable to repetitively and automatically turn on for a first preset timing period, turn off for a second preset timing period, and then turn on again for the first preset timing period. During each second preset timing period, when the timer is turned off, the auxiliary relay is normally deactuated so as to open a feedback path from the battery to the battery charger permitting the battery charger to reset in preparation for initiating a new charging cycle. Then, during each first preset timing period, when the timer is turned on, the auxiliary relay is actuated so as to close the feedback path causing the battery charger to initiate the new charging cycle.

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