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Blind tilt actuator




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A venetian blind assembly has a tilt drum support with a base which has a three-segment zig-zag type slot through which two ladder legs extend and are offset sidewardly from one another, with the tilt drum interposed from front to back between the two legs. The slot holds the ladder legs apart to insure non-overlapping winding of the joined ladder legs on the tilt drum. The tilt drum is connected to a flexible cable that turns and extends vertically downwardly on the window stile. The flexible cable is positioned by a plastic guide which is fastened to the stile. The flexible cable has an extruded fitting crimped to it which has a D-shaped opening in it. The fitting receives a vertical control rod which has a D-shape. The fitting opening is substantially deeper than is required to insure a proper connection with the vertical control rod. Hence the same vertical control rod may be installed on windows that vary in height by several inches, with the excess length absorbed within the fitting opening. The lower end of the vertical control rod is engaged within a second flexible cable fitting. The second cable is supported by a lower cable guide which supports the crimped fitting to prevent vertical loads from being applied to the lower cable.

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