Magnetics-on-film image area recording head with film flattening emulsion side support

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Magnetic recording and/or reproducing heads particularly for use for recording and reading information on a magnetics-on-film (MOF) layer in the image area of photographic filmstrips exhibiting a cross-film curvature in cameras or other filmstrip handling apparatus. A magnetic record/reproduce multi-head array is formed of a plurality of magnetic head elements mounted to extend across the width of the filmstrip and across the filmstrip image frame area, each head element contacting the magnetic layer at a predetermined cross-film position in a film transport path. The surfaces of the head elements aligned to contact the filmstrip magnetic layer are burnished or lapped by an abrasive tape lapping of the head as a final contouring operation on the head to remove all edges that can scrape or scratch the magnetic surface of the filmstrip. An elongated, compliant backing support, e.g. a free wheeling roller, pad or brush, having a low friction contact surface, is positioned to bear against the filmstrip emulsion layer opposite to the multi-head array. Light pressure is applied through the backing support to conform the filmstrip magnetic layer to the magnetic head elements in the cross-film and film advance directions.

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Brock, George W La Jolla, CA 30 341
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Gandola, Kent R Carlsbad, CA 7 44

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