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A back support for placement on a back of a person. The back support comprises a concavity having opposing lateral slopes and formed by a flexible structure having a thickness and a longitudinal central site disposed substantially equidistant between the opposing lateral slopes. A protuberance having a thickness extends into the concavity, and preferably is substantially tubular in shape and disposed substantially equidistantly between the opposing lateral slopes of the concavity along the longitudinal central site. The thickness of the protuberance is greater than the thickness of the flexible structure forming the concavity. A lip surrounds the concavity to thereby aid in achieving a suctorial characteristic for the back support whereby the concavity in concert with the lip will function in substantially the same manner as a suction cup. The back support is preferably constructed of a single piece of material wherein the protuberance is a thickened region of the flexible structure forming the concavity. Construction can be of a material having an inherently-tacky surface to thereby enhance the clinging action of the back support to the skin of a user.

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