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Bead installing tool and method of use




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A tool for installing perforated beads on a strand of fibers, such as a strand of hair. The tool comprises a rod terminating in a closed loop at one end, and having a removable cap at the other end. When the cap is removed, perforated beads are sequentially loaded onto the rod. The cap is replaced, thus retaining the beads between the cap and the loop. The strand of fibers is passed through the loop. The loop is resilient, and is manually compressed to accommodate passage of the beads as the beads are pushed from the rod onto the strand of fibers. The tool is then disengaged from the strand. The beads may be secured in place by crimping one or more beads, or by applying a cement to the strand, or both. The cement may either act by adhering a bead to the strand, or by increasing the diameter of the strand so that it no longer passes through the bead.

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