Example-based image analysis and synthesis using pixelwise correspondence

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Synthesis of novel images from example images is achieved by determining a pixelwise optical flow among example images, computing a parameter set for a new image, and synthesizing the new image based on the parameter vector and the example images. The parameter set may describe characteristics of the image, in which case the characteristics are applied to a neural network trained with the example images in order to synthesize the novel image. The parameter set may also be an estimate of relative contributions of each of the example images to the new image, in which case the new image may be synthesized by taking a linear combination of the example images, weighted by the parameter set. In one embodiment, both the example and the new images are of the same object. In another embodiment, the example image represents a first object while the new image represents a second object. In yet another embodiment, a set of target images is synthesized from a single target image and a set of source images. Analysis of existing images to determine image parameters is achieved by determining parameters for the existing image based on comparison of the existing image with an image set for which parameters are known.

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