Tandem-engine aircraft propulsion module

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Tandem-engine aircraft propulsion module attachable to an aircraft fuselage and/or to the aircraft wings directly. This propulsion module contains fore-and-aft in-line engines and an intermediate fuel compartment. A subhousing of this module has engine instrumentation and controls placed for overhead introduction into an underlying aircraft fuselage cabin when the module is secured on top thereof. Propulsion modules of this invention are readily removable and replaceable for ease of inspection and maintenance, and if like-sized are mutually interchangeable. These modules are inherently economical and enable cost-effective fuselage and dry-wing construction. They also enhance flight safety, not only in comparison with single-engine aircraft but also especially as compared with off-axial twin-engine aircraft.

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Hermach, Carl J 1100 S. Belcher, #480, Largo, FL 34641 9 98

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