Method and system for providing a document service over a computer network using an automated brokered auction

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A system and method to enable and facilitate networked, automated, brokered auctioning of document services. A plurality of processes are executed, including a customer process representing a customer, a supplier process representing a supplier, and a broker process capable of serving as an intermediary between the customer and supplier processes. The broker process is provided with a description of a document service. Responsively to the description thus provided, an auction for the document service is conducted, as follows: a customer or supplier process submits a bid for the document service; the broker process receives bidding information including the submitted bid; the broker process attempts to establish a price for the document service responsively to the received bidding information and, if a price can be established, establishes the price; if a price is established, the broker process proposes a transaction wherein the document service is to be provided at the established price; and if the proposed transaction is accepted, it can proceed automatically.

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