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Safety device for steel bed rail




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A length of impact absorption material has a configuration including a channel closed at the top and open at the bottom of substantially uniform width of less than one eighth of an inch. The portion of the configuration above and exteriorly adjacent to the top end of the channel is at least a quarter of an inch thick. An interior portion and an exterior portion of the configuration are laterally opposed to each other upon either side of the channel. A length of absorption material possessing this configuration is positioned upon the vertical leg of an L-shaped steel rail of a metal bed frame, which is approximately one tenth of an inch thick, such that the top edge of the rail meets the closed top end of the channel. The top portion and uppermost portion of the exterior portion of the length of absorption material provide cushioning for the top edge of the rail. The exterior portion may extend downward a distance sufficient to cover the outward face of the rail and may also extend at the lower end of the same inward beneath the bottom exterior corner of the rail in order to fully cushion the exposed part of the rail in a bed frame and to better secure the length of absorption material to the rail. Elastomeric material is recommended as is a thickness of the top portion and the uppermost part of the exterior portion of at least three eighths of an inch.

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