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Can top cleaning method




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A method of using a disposable moist towelette with a can cleaning device to clean and sanitize a top surface and a tight circumferential groove on the top of a pop top beverage can. The method includes the use of a disposable moist towelette made of material which resists tearing when manipulated with a can cleaning device. The towelette is moistened with a liquid such that when the moist towelette is placed over the top surface of a pop top beverage can and a can cleaning device is guided into place on top of the moist towelette, rotating the can cleaning device relative to the can effects cleaning and sanitizing of the top surface and groove on the can. The moist towelette may be stored in an air tight packet which can be attached to the beverage can. The moist towelette and packet may be dispensed from a vending machine along with a beverage can.

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