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Drain cover assembly




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An improved drain cover assembly for a sink is provided. The assembly includes a generally cylindrical basket having a flat bottom. A sealing plate is attached to the underside of the flat bottom. A plurality of apertures sized to permit the drainage of liquids from the sink, but prevent solid materials from passing therethrough, are located on the bottom of the basket about the sealing plate. An externally threaded member extends from the bottom of the sealing plate. The plug may be cylindrically shaped or frustoconically shaped and is press fit into a drainpipe. The plug has an open upper end and a bottom surface. The bottom surface contains a plurality of apertures to allow for liquid to drain but to prevent solid materials from passing therethrough. The bottom surface of the plug has an internally threaded member extending upwardly therefrom which mates with the threaded member extending from the bottom of the sealing plate. The upper edge of the plug contacts the sealing plate to seal the drain cover assembly when the basket is threaded down on the plug. The assembly is opened by rotating the basket with respect to the plug from a space between the sealing plate and the plug to allow liquid to drain therethrough.

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